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The hardest part of being an antique dealer!
Posted 11 Mar 2013, by Don
I invest hours most every day searching for special antiques and folk art via phone calls, in-person visits that may be a day's drive away, on-line, emails, books, and in-bound offers.  Special objects are very hard to gain access to as most are in private or museum collections.  So when I do encounter a piece that fits my focus and satisfies my very selective needs for form, surface, condition, accessability, and business opportunity, I am often excited to acquire it.   Yet I can not become too attached, as I have to market it.  That is the downside of what I do.  Being a collector at heart, parting with special pieces of early American material culture is difficult, the more special the piece, the more difficult the parting.  I know a piece is really good if it is painful to ship it out.  On the positive side, I do have a "rotating" collection, as I am able to live with these objects prior to finding them new homes.  As Shakespeare wrote in 1597 "Parting is such sweet sorrow".