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Great pieces can be hidden in plain sight!
Posted 27 Mar 2013, by Don
I often observe collectors passing on special pieces because of their perception that it is no longer "fresh" (freshness referring to how long a piece has been available).  Their stance is that if no one has yet bought it, then there must be something wrong with it or it is over priced.  It would seem that a piece of American material culture can become "unfresh" in just days, despite being 150 to 300 years old....I have seen many examples, but lets use this Civil War painting I had several years ago: I proudly displayed it at serious antique shows and www.donolsonantiques.com, ran advertisements, and even discussed it live on Good Morning Connecticut TV.  Lots of interest; no buyer.  For almost two years.  Despite praise for the painting from experienced folk art and Civil War collectors and dealers and authors and researchers.  Potential buyers told me that they loved the piece, that it was an important piece, yet they were hesitant because it "hadn't sold yet", i.e., it was no longer fresh.   If no one else had bought it, then they should not either.......On a referral, I offered it to collectors who had not seen my ads or website.  Sold.  The very next day, a major museum called to discuss acquiring the painting.  The museum was one day late, yet their educated interest in the painting served to illustrate that great things can be hidden in plain sight for months or even years.  In my opinion, it is the piece that matters, not how long it has been offered, look at the design, the history, the condition, the provenance, the rarity, the desirability.....There are great pieces hidden in plain sight right now!