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Painted Gameboards!
Posted 22 May 2013, by Don
I love early painted gameboards.  They often not only provide a special splash of color, but also are much more robust than paintings, they have been handled often thousands of times and only get more character from it.  Grouped together, gameboards can  produce a compelling visual that can't be matched by other antique forms.  And early examples have a "soul" that comes from hand-making and decoration,  and having witnessed and been part of a prior period of history.  Shown are a double-sided, vibrant mill-game/American checkers combination, two beautiful "coach-painter" examples likely created by individuals that painted signs, coaches, houses, boxes, and maybe even portraits, and a parcheesi board in fabulous bittersweet and mustard paint.  Great early gameboards are very hard to find as most are in private or museum collections.