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Briefly Back to the "Analog" World
Posted 2 Aug 2013, by Don
I have been busy prepping for days for next week's ANTIQUES IN MANCHESTER, THE COLLECTOR'S FAIR, Aug 7 noon-6 and Aug 8 noon-6. Prepping for a show is so different than for my website.   The website it is all about photography and research and communications. For shows there are so many additional details, such as booth and van and display-case rental, hotels, advertising, painstakingly packing precious pieces first in the house, then to the garage, then to the van, physical writeups, scheduling in-person meetings with clients and colleagues, testing lighting/electrical, detailed listings for insurance, assembling all the little things I will need from bubble wrap to tissue paper to bags to packaging to track-lighting to tools and ladders to pedestals to risers and wall-wedges to etc, etc, to then "knitting" all of my antiques and infrastructure into a cargo van better suited for transporting plumbing supplies. Then carrying and unpacking all of this into an 8 foot x 16 foot space, a day and a half of arranging all of this into a presentation that attempts to show these objects off as the great pieces of material culture that they are.  Usually after about 8 hours of set-up I hate the look of my booth, but after another half day of tweaking it usually comes togther like a wedding.....And with an orthopaedically-challenged body that hates to bend or stand.  Fortunately, I will be helped this year by my daughter Mandy who loves to be there and is a master with a power screw gun!  After the show we reverse the entire process, it is usually two weeks later that I have everything unpacked and followup action items done.   Who knew that this profession that requires such great knowledge and research and financial acumen could be so physical! Why do we do it?  Because as dealers in important early Americana we are helping to deliver our material culture to future generations.  If you are in Mancester, please come say hi to Mandy and I!