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A Great Side Benefit of Pursuing Antiques
Posted 20 Sep 2013, by Don
I am often in small towns from Ohio to Pennsylvania, New York State, all of New England, and a bit into New Jersey, Maryland, and Delaware, only because of travel related to antiques.  Without antiques, I would never have seen so many places, and often I have observed cool festivals, historic buildings or settings, and other noteworthy locations that are way off the thruways, pikes, and highways.  I have visited many collectors in their homes and have had the opportunity to see extraordinary early American material that hasn't been in the public eye in decades.  These trips are best when I have one of my kids with me to share the experience.  For example, below are a couple of pictures from several years ago when Mandy and I were on our way to a show in Vermont, with a fabulous stopover in "Old Bennington" on a sunny, crisp, October day.