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Posted 16 Dec 2013, by Don
Many years ago, before I was a dealer, I bought a small, mid-18th century painting of a boy holding a candle as a gentleman read.  It was probably a study for a larger work.  It was on a thick, small pine panel, hand-planed on the back with deep patina, the ends of the board uneven and rough.   The surface was  dry and alligatored.     I loved it.  I think Nina Fletcher Little would have loved it too.  boy_candle_r I was so excited about the painting that I wrapped it up, took it into the office and showed it to a co-worker at lunch.  Her response was "WHY?"  WHY would anyone want THAT? For years now I have been asking clients and colleagues WHY?  What causes us to spend often large sums of money on early American antiques and art  that others might disdain? I have received many answers to WHY?  One common demoninator that arises again and again is quite simple:  "It makes us feel good".  We walk into our home after a tough day in the office, or caring for sick relatives, or racing to get kids to their game or practice at rush hour, etc., etc.......we walk into our space that we have created, we relive the stories with each piece, the objects work together and decorate a large canvas as if we were artists.  We are helping to preserve our heritage and our values, we are challenging our minds, we are taking risks, we are part of a community that knows how to  "see" and appreciate works that were created before the aid of electricity, that have traveled through history giving them a "soul", that have survived because they have merit, because some of us know how to appreciate them. What is your WHY?  Email me:  earlypieces@aol.com