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A sensational folk art house portrait!
Posted 19 Feb 2017, by Don
The resolution of photos on my website can't be as large as I'd like or the pages would take too long to open. So often there is more detail to be seen than the on-line photos show. Take for example this special little folk art house portrait. Lets explore and see what details can be discovered. house_portrait The side door is grained below an arched doorway, with a curtain hanging down. See the subtle "shade" from the large trees cast on the house? He included the bricks of the foundation, the 12-light windows on the side of the house, and the pathway leading to the barn outback even showing the barndoor hinges. And check out the leading lines of the clapboards leading ones eye down the path and the subtle color changes of early autumn. house_portrait_close_right2     In the left foreground we see a hitching post!,a newly planted tree in autumn colors, pleasing subtleties of texture and color, and a gentleman holding a walking stick with a little dog trailing. I would wager that the man pictured is a representation of the artist himself because the care in detail and palette shown in this painting reflects an artist who cared deeply about the content, and was very proud of his (or her) home. This painting tells a charming story of a beautiful19th century New England home. house_portrait_left