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Exceptional Carved and Painted Summer Fireboard.....SALE PENDING
New England, found years ago in Vermont, ca. 1790-1825. Pine with original very dry sage-green paint. Features a crisply carved central pinwheel, a symbol of energy and movement, including a little sunburst within the center of the pinwheel. The corners feature carved quarter-fans as we see on in-laid furniture of this period. Mortice and thru-tenon joinery held by wooden pegs that stand proud of the surface. Moldings and carved features attached by unheaded cut nails. Fixed "slats" slide into receiving dados. Note the subtly shaped-lower apron. Crafted by a very capable woodworker/joiner. Outstanding condition with minor cracks/losses. About 46 inches wide x 35 ½ tall. May rest on floor or is easily hung. A striking presence.
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