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Soulful Early American Wallbox in Historic Red Painted Surface
New England, ca. 18th century. Hand-planed pine, with soulful very dry, original red paint with patterns of wear that speak to how it was handled and used. Appears untouched. Case joinery including wrought T-head nails, the drawer with large dovetails tightened probably years later with cut nails. The back of the drawer bears the inscription SS-245, likely an old museum accession number. About 18 ¼ inches tall x 6 5/8 wide x 4 ½ deep. May be hung or rest on a horizontal surface. If you seek early Americana in high-character original paint and dry surface showing the story of its usage, then this box is for you. Few wallboxes with this caliber of surface, form, and originality come to market. Provenance: Midwestern collection years ago from David Good.
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