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Delightfully Quirky Tiny Slant-Lid Desk.....SOLD
Likely "dad-made" for a child, perhaps for an elaborate doll house. Probably New England, ca. early 19th century. Pine with original dry red paint with rich, highly patinated, very appealing surface. Joinery is a mix of cut nails and dovetails, thin wood stock shows hand-planed tooling marks. Retains original wire hinges (snipe) and pull. Note the bold, high cutout base with subtlety chamfered inner-edge. The sloping facade of the drawer is not due to damage, it was made that way. Proud little piece of 200 year old Americana whose big character belies its small size. Just 6 3/8 inches tall x 4 1/8 wide x 3 3/8 deep..
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