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Extensively Chip Carved Love-Token Fingered Box
New England, probably Massachusetts, ca. 1840. Carved initials RB. Maple walled with pine top and bottom, with wooden pins and oxidized-copper square-nail joinery. Extensive fine chip carving decorating the fingers, ten intertwining hearts, and stylized vines. Each heart has a unique subtle carved decoration within its boundary, including a tiny sunburst. Small graffiti radial carved into bottom. I have had several boxes by the same hand, including one dated 1842 and indicating that the maker was born in 1761. 3 1/4 inch diameter x 2 inches tall. Superb condition with a couple of very minor splits. Rich dark patina which is particularly impressive given the hard, closed-pore maple. Crafted with much care as a token of affection. Provenance: Fine CT collection from Elliot & Grace Snyder long ago.
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