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Brilliant Portrait Miniature by the Talented Edwin Plummer.....SOLD
Massachusetts, Maine, or New Hampshire, ca. 1825-1835. Watercolor and gum arabic on paper. An author, lecturer, and astute business man, Plummer painted portraits often for family and friends. Finely detailed showing his delicate touch and his ability to capture a likeness with elegance and sensitivity, and to portray mood, not only physical attributes. The handsome brown-haired young man is fashionably tailored in high-collared coast with patterned embroidered yellow vest, high-white collar with pin, while resting on a red sofa, a setting seen in other Plummer portraits. Note the remarkable detailing. Presented in a period gilt frame that could be original. Frame size about 6 inchex x 5; sight size about 4 1/4 x 3 1/4. Superb! See Edwin Plummer and His "Portrait Likenesses", Deborah Child, Antiques and Fine Art, August, 2011 for reference.
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