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SIGNED. Outstanding Flame Stitch Embroidered Pocketbook.....SOLD
Found in an early estate in Hingham, Massachusetts, ca. 1750-1790. Careful and lengthy wool-embroidery with an exuberant array of vibrant, impactful colors including dark and light blue, red, orange, olive and sage green, gray, white, black and brown (all of which required to have the wool threads dyed beforehand). "MARY SMITH" is signed inside in pink thread against the original silk or cotton green lining. Mary likely made this gem for herself, perhaps in academy, and possibly as an accessory for her debutante appearance. Excellent condition retaining saturated colors and only minor thread loss. About 7 1/2 inches wide x 4 ½ tall inches long (when closed). Reference: "Worldly Goods", Philadelphia Museum of Art: "What Clothes Reveal", Baumgarten, Colonial Williamsburg; and "Little by Little", Nina Fletcher Little. A delightful example of 18th century decorative arts with marvelous presence and condition..
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