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Bold, Vibrant American Folk Art Rug.....SALE PENDING
Probably New England, 19th century. The maker created a passionate work of art intended to uplift a room, to be a focal point of energy and optimism. She doubled-down on the rich red color by using several hues of red, the brightest within the woven basket from which flowers and vines rise. This basket and flowing-flowers composition was often meant to convey optimism and growth, more typically seen on theorems and watercolors. The reds are color contrasted by shades of yellow, blue, pink, blues and gray, all enclosed within a blue border. About 51 inches wide x 32 3/4 tall. Professionally mounted for hanging. See Kopp, "American Hooked and Sewn Rugs, Folk Art Underfoot" for reference. Provenance: Private New York collection.
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