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Profusely Carved Box Folk Art Box. Dated 1842.....SALE PENDING
Likely Massachusetts. Maple walled with pine top and bottom, with square nail joinery. Richly decorated including carved fingers and extensive chip carving, with the stylized-initials RB fully piercing the overlapping top side-wall layer, a beautifully executed and rare treatment. Inscribed about the wall: "1842 81 Y OLD" within a series of conjoined hearts. So the maker of the box was born in 1761, pre-dating the beginnings of the conflict with England. The lid is carved with a six-pointed star which encloses a period let-in slot for coins, the outer points decorated with the heads of cut nails. Remarkable rich dark patina, particularly given how hard it is for maple to take on this deep of color. Fine hairline on lid and expected imperfections. This box is stylistically and structurally closely related to a group of three ca. 1840 Massachusetts boxes discovered by author Derin Bray several years ago, and may be by the same hand. About 3 3/4 inches at the lid by 2 1/4 tall. Provenance: private collection; Elliott and Grace Snyder..
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