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Lovely Teen-Age Girl, Prior-Hamblin School, Sturtevant Hamblin.....SOLD
New England, ca. 1845. Oil on press board. Attributed to Sturtevant Hamblin (active 1837-1856). From her soft, pretty face and elegant lines, to her long fingers grasping the little book, this image has elements that advance the work well beyond that typically found in Prior-Hamblin School portraits. And using the device of the book, although many decades later, she successfully communicates to us her pride that she was literate in a time when many were not, particularly girls.....Remarkable UNTOUCHED original condition with no in-painting. Appropriate period, possibly original, frame. Overall frame size about 17 5/8 inches x 13 3/4......Hamblin was born into a Portland, Maine family whose business was ornamental painting. He resided in Portland with his sister, the wife of William Matthew Prior, and moved with them to Boston in 1840......Provenance: Bill Samaha, Stephen Score, Barbara Pollack, and a private collection for the last 20+ years.
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