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Silk Needlework Double-Memorial by a Massachusetts Schoolgirl.....SOLD
Ca. 1806 to 1815. WROUGHT BY AVILDA SAYLES FRANKLIN. WRENTHAM ACADEMY. Day's Academy (aka Wrentham Academy) was a former institute in Wrentham, Massachusetts that existed between 1806 and 1875 when it became the site of Wrentham's High School. Avilda, based on genealogical records, was born in Franklin, MA in 1787, so would have been in her late teens in the early 19th century when she embroidered this work of art and history. The double-memorial celebrates two of Avilda's siblings: Nabby Sayles who died at 3 years of age in 1799; and Lavinia Sayles, aged 7, who died in 1786. Another silk memorial from the Wrentham Academy (with a Henry Francis DuPont provenance) that sold at Northeast Auctions in 2005, has a strikingly similar composition with a young woman in Empire dress beside a plinth with double urns with arching willow tree with background hills. Avilda's memorial needlework picture was one of the expected accomplishments of a young cultured girl in early America. It is a lovely, thoughtful, and elegant work of art. Original frame about 24 inches x 20. In excellent condition with minor toning, and losses to the extreme upper left and lower right of the black corners of the eglomise panel. Happy to email high res photos.
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