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Early Lighting: Whitesmithed Kettle Light (Lamp).....SALE PENDING
Northeast America, ca. late 18th century. Iron. A wick would be place inside the kettle filled with animal fats or other oils to provide an inexpensive and readily available source of light. Whitesmiths had more refined iron and steel working skills than the blacksmith, with the latter primarily focused on more coarse utilitarian needs such as horse-shoes, nails, and pots. The whitesmith was employed to complete more aesthetically demanding or intricate work and finishing. This kettle light shows those skills of the whitesmith, from the pointed feet on quad-base with raised spines on the legs, to the central column knop, and the rather sophisticated tilting mechanism of the bowl. The light is tall and stately and unusually sophisticated for the form, the broad base (peened to the column) providing good stability. About 10 inches tall. Excellent condition. .
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