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Early Valuables Box with Brass Heart Escutcheon
New England, likely Connecticut, ca. early/mid 19th century. Appears to be birch wood with dovetailed corners in original dry brown paint. Retains orginal brass bale, hinges, and escutcheon, and iron lock. Unusual form with low profile compared to the length, perhaps for safe keeping of documents or maps, and possibly for a ship. Newspaper article inside suggests this box came out the attic contents of the belongings of the Markham family and the whaler Frederick A. Weld in Guilford, Connecticut. Surface and structural condition are terrific, the box is crisp and very well crafted. The dark paint creates a strong contrast with the heart escutheon, enabling it to stand out even in low lighting. Undoubtedly given as a gift of affection. About 16 1/2 inches long x 4 1/2 tall x 8 deep.
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