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Early Fragment Mirrors-Offered Separately.....ALL SALE PENDING
Northeast America, likely New England. HAPPY TO EMAIL HIGH RES PHOTOS! ......................FAR LEFT: Ca. late 18th century. Original paint. In bright light appears as a dark, oxidized “Windsor Green”. Appears to be planed with a “toothed plane”. Untouched condition, very solid in hand. Glass is sensational. About 4 inches tall x 3 wide.......... MIDDLE: Queen Anne, ca. mid to late 18th century. Crest surmounted by carved ears. Very organic shape. Mitered corners. Back covered with very early paper. Original glass survives with about half of its silvering. About 3 3/4 inches tall x 2 wide.......... FAR RIGHT: Ca. late 18th century. Tombstone-shaped glass with traces of green paint. Original glass that has lost much of it silvering. Chamfered edges. Sawn backboard. About 3 5/8 inches tall x 2 3/4 wide. .
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