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Colonial Fingered Box in Scarce BLUE Paint.....SOLD
New England, ca 1780-1800. Pine top and bottom, ash or chestnut sidewall. More heavily constructed than similar boxes of later make. Fingered bands joined by rosehead nails. The blue paint, scarce in this period, was possibly made from pigment extracted from the leaves/blossoms of the indigo plant. Complex dry, gravelly patinated surface outside; dark patina inside which is a clue to how it might have been used. In hand, robust, and with a different "feel" than later boxes. Excellent condition; inconsequential ancient loss at top left edge as shown. Smooth burnishing from frequent handling at edges. Substantial size at about 9 1/8 inches long x 7 wide x 3 1/8 tall. I don't recall having a box of this form that was this early let alone in striking original blue paint.
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