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Exceptional Carved Busk Dated 1785.....SALE PENDING
New England. Massachusetts. Probably sailor made as a token of affection for the lady he was returning to. Appears to be mahogany. Descended in the family of Carole Hayward (Yankee Smuggler Antiques) of East Bridgewater, MA, not having left the family until recently. Richly and extensively carved with crisp detail including a central heart, geometrics, fans and a pinwheel, the latter two as we would see on fine New England furniture of this period. The initials "H C" between the fans. The back is engraved with the date 1785 along with compass layout scribe lines and a pinwheel, and a family label that reads VALUABLE/WAS IN AUNT JENNIE'S FAMILY. Dry, warm, nutty-brown patina. About 12 inches long x 2 1/4 wide x 3/16 thick. Superb condition.
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