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Rare Vinegar-Paint Decorated Antique Stand.....SALE PENDING
New England, likely Massachusetts, ca. 1820. Original paint on what appears to be maple, pine, and poplar. Paint decoration that is typically seen just on boxes,rare on a stand. Elegant successful proportions, with long, delicate, slender legs ending in tiny button feet. Well cared for in a very high state of originality. Brass pull is not the first yet is period and appropriate. About 30 1/2 inches tall. Top is about 22 x 19 inches. As described in Fales AMERICAN PAINTED FURNITURE, vinegar painting was accomplished by "walking" the second coat of paint over the ground color with a soft material like leather or sponge. Vinegar was used in the overcoat, as it dried the linseed oil in the putty caused a separation in the darker glaze producing unusual patterns. A very sweet and appealing folk art rarity. It looks special in our living room, really elevates the area! .
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