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Superior Wallpaper Box. With a Patriotic Surprise.....SOLD
Pennsylvania, ca. 1847. Wallpaper on pasteboard. A brilliant combination of color and design. The colors remain rich and saturated, the clean and crisp design providing strong contrast between hues and shapes on all surfaces, even underneath. Sizeable, yet has survived with only minor edge wear, pristine amongst wallpaper boxes. Newsprint, in German, lines the interior, the lid featuring a calendar for the year 1847, while the base reveals a hidden treasure, an engraving of the Great Seal of America. The engraving was printed by Johann (John) Ritter (1779-1851), editor and publisher of the Adler, the oldest German newspaper published in the United States, in Reading, Berks County, Pennsylvania. About 12 3/4 inches long x 6 1/2 wide x 3 3/4 tall. Provenance includes private collections and David Schorsch. High res images easily emailed. This is a statement piece for those seeking the EXCEPTIONAL.
Email Don: earlypieces@aol.comhistorically favorable price on request