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Flamestitch Pocketbook in Remarkably Bold Colors. 18th Century!
Probably Northeast or Mid-Atlantic, ca. 1750-1790. As it brightened lives post-Revolution, this embroidery will brighten your life post-COVID. Crewelwork (embroidery done with wool yarns) with silk lining. Not only boldly colored, yet in such a remarkable condition that the colors remain vigorous and saturated to this day. Twill-wool tape bindings (made on a tape loom), and the seldom found retention of much of the twill-tape for enclosure. Likely made as a special gift ((or for herself) by a young woman who learned the art in an 18th century needlework school. Imagine the effort to color the wools (dyed-in-the-wool) in that period. Difficult to determine if made for a man or woman, yet it would have carried small valuables, the man more likely money and important papers, the lady jewelry. The front flap folds over to a double-pocketed interior, lined in green silk, the silk also in superb condition. Colors include bittersweet, yellow, mauve, pink, light gray, light blue, sage green, and a dark green. About 8 1/2 inches long. Reference: "Worldly Goods", Philadelphia Museum of Art: "What Clothes Reveal", Baumgarten, Colonial Williamsburg; and "Little by Little", Nina Fletcher Little. Clearly this pocketbook was stored away for much of its two and one-half century history. Now it can help help brighten your home.
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