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Very Rare New England Wallbox and Spoon Rack
Maine, 18th century. An important historical "document" in the form of a wallbox. Original untouched, very dry red, gray, and black paint on pine. A remarkable survivor with a mix of primitive joinery (early nails, including rose heads with simple butted joinery) and more sophisticated carving, the pinwheel decorations showing how important this box was to the original maker and owners. Research also reveals that these pinwheels in early times were known as hexafoils or "witches marks", a pattern with endless lines believed to confuse and entrap malevolent spirits to evoke good luck and to turn away evil. Impressive size at about 25 1/2 inches tall x 14 wide x 6 deep. The modest means of the original owners shown by spaces for only a handful of spoons. The fact that it has survived is sufficient representation of condition to those who understand it, yet losses can be seen particularly in the lower right corner and behind at the shoulders and neck, and at the hanging hole. This is for the passionate collector who seeks special and covets rarity, the visual and emotional character of unaltered history, and surface..
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