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Moses Ogden Face Sculpture.....SOLD
Angelica, New York, ca. late 19th century. Civil War veteran and sculpture who carved using the “spirit of the trees”. After the Civil War, Ogden lived out his life in the wilds of western New York where he carved whimsical animals and faces from burls, allowing the natural wood growth to dictate the shape and subject of each piece. Postcards show Ogden selling his carvings at a county fair, and photographs show his home as a "Wonderland" filled with sculptures. A mild-mannered furniture and wagon builder by day, but by night he was a warlock. His thing was to go into the woods, find fallen trees that contained monsters, drag them home and set the monsters free. This is a remarkable example of his work of a lady, the contours and figure of the wood clearly employed to communicate facial features and personality.
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