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Blue Firkin Paint-Labeled "SAGE.".....SALE PENDING
New England, ca. mid 19th, perhaps earlier. A larger firkin in original very dry blue paint, labeled in black paint 'SAGE' in a distinctive early font. Staved pine construction joined by cut nails with ash handle. The ". (period)" at the end of SAGE is important to dating as that convention began to disappear about the mid-19th century. It is seen on earlier trade signs, broadsides, etc. In-use period wear and imperfections and blemishes, couple of minor losses on the lid, but nothing major. Very clean interior. About 11 1/2 inches tall to the top of the lid. Earlier examples of firkins paint-labeled with their contents are uncommon. Also, pencil inscription under the lid appears to read: "15 Doz Eggs".
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