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Important Folk Art Arrangement from the Collection of Barry Cohen.....SOLD
American, individual pieces and basket, second half, 19th century. Singular, elaborate tinned-iron basket with velvet and felt fruit and vegetables, and fabric birds, collected and composed by Barry Cohen, an artist, teacher, collector, and major influencer of the folk-art community for thirty years. Barry Cohen's legacy was his unique and remarkable ability to find antique objects and assemble them into incomparable expressions of folk art. As written in the catalogue: The Barry Cohen Collection by David Schorsch and American Hurrah, 1990: "Barry delighted in transforming "simple objects of beauty" into "minor masterpieces" through his exceptionally sophisticated compositions.".....This fabulous basket was made in the 19th century when there was a tradition of gifting fanciful objects in tin on tenth wedding anniversaries. It stands about 20 1/2 inches tall and is surmounted by two star ornaments. On its own, the basket represents as fine an example of anniversary tin as one can find, yet is filled and designed to overflowing with a three-dimensional composition of fruit, vegetables, and birds. Each fruit, vegetable, and bird is also a wonderful element on its own....Described and pictured on pages 14-15 of the Barry Cohen catalogue..
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