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Large Ash Burl Bowl with Top Shelf Surface.....SOLD
New York State or New England, ca. 1780-1820. Colonial lathe- turned strongly-figured ash burl with original dry untouched patina with complex surface. Retains remnants of the original thin over varnish. Deeply patinated interior, yet the top few inches about the rim lighter from frequent period handling. This bowl has a feature that I have not seen before: the bottom of the interior stands proud of the side walls, like a convex donut, likely to give additional mass to the bottom that often wore to failure. Classic shape with molded rim and foot, about 20 inches diameter x 6 1/2 tall. Recently from a 60 year New York State collection. In hand as good an example of a large ash burl bowl as one will find with scale, color, complexity of surface, and exceptional condition..
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