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Handsome “High Country” Painted Wallbox with Tabbed-Lollipop.....SALE PENDING
New England, ca. late 18th century. Pine, basswood, and perhaps poplar, the case joined by T-head nails, having a lollipop-topped backboard (with extending tab) over a deep well and drawer below. The lollipop form is believed to descend from the reductive form of the sunflower. The appealing form is elevated further by beautiful, highly crazed working-period 19th century warm-red paint and over-varnish covering much of the first 18th century thin black. The well sides and front are carved into a pleasing shape (the lower notch perhaps for resting a clay pipe) the tooling of the carver still well evident. The drawer is stoutly made, dovetailed and nailed, retaining the original turned-wood pull. Backboard and underside have strong patina. A well-made box, sturdily constructed. About 19 inches tall x 6 wide x 5 deep (not including the pull). Likely a pipe box, with the drawer for tinder. May be hung, or rests on a chest or shelf. Until recently from a private collection.
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