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SEVEN-COLOR Folk Art Paint Decorated Parcheesi Gameboard.....SOLD
Northeast America, 19th century (not one of the numerous 20th century boards). Original paint and well-patinated surface on a thick pine board. Simple, direct, crisp, unpretentious, authentic. The snappy stars have varying orientations which promotes movement. Can pick up colors in virtually any room with strong color contrast created by pigments of blue, green, yellow, red, brown with black lining and white fields. Colors really pop when well lit, particularly under art light. Never mounted for hanging, so has the flexibility of being placed in whatever orientation fits a space. Appealing size of about 15 3/4 x 16 inches, and a delightfully thick 7/8 inch (feels substantial in hand) . Excellent condition with a few scratches and very slight bow to the patinated back. .
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