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The Trowbridge Folk Art Paint Decorated Family Record.....SOLD
New York State, ca. 1853, watercolor and ink on paper. Probably painted by Cornelia Trowbridge (b. 1835) or Julie Trowbridge (b. 1837). Beautifully illustrated with central home, flanked by flowered vines and topped by bushes with flowers and a family of birds, with laurel wreath encircling FRIENDSHIP, and memorial with willow tree. One of a group of four stylistically related early 19th century watercolor family records with detailed histories and houses as documented and illustrated in the Magazine Antiques, August, 2009, pp 74-79. This particular record is shown on pp 78-79 (see photograph). The family records have links to the Amenia Seminary in Dutchess County, opened in 1835, which prided itself as being pleasant and healthy and exempt from the temptations found in larger villages. The illustrations on this Trowbridge record are wonderfully rendered and retain bright, saturated colors. Overall frame size about 29 inches wide x 25 inches tall.
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