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Terrific Early Painted Lighting Stand (Tidy).....SOLD
New England, ca. late 18th/early 19th century. Slow-lathe turned maple. Used to raise the light from a betty-lamp above a table or candlestand surface. Original deep red paint (the hue tending toward burgundy in natural light) with thin crackled overvarnish. Note how the paint is largely worn from the top turning, indicating that is where it was held when refilling the lamp and carrying from room to room. Deeply turned column with bold flattened knops, similar to those seen on candlesticks of the period. Slightly recessed top platform. Excellent condition. Especially tall at 10 3/4 inches; base diameter about 3 1/2. Provenance: Private collection for 25 years; before that: Betty Darrow for another 25 years. As good an example as one will likely find.
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