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Elaborate Folding Box Chess Gameboard
American, ca. 1870. Dovetail and cut-nail joinery. Rendered by a skilled "coach painter" who demonstrated the effort that was sometimes made to elevate a friendly game board into also a work of art, including extending decoration to the side-walls such that they would be visible from across the room. The outer-side with red and black painted squares, with elaborate borders of gilt- or bronze-powder painted Greek Key and Fleur-de-lis within dark-green fields. The side walls also painted in large Greek Key. The Greek Key had many historic symbolisms, including the eternal life, eternal love and eternal friendship. The back/inside is backgammon, with strong colors yet wear as shown. All original. May be hung, or creates an appealing presentation when stood on end partly open. Open about 18 inches wide x 15 ¾ tall x 1 ¾ deep (at the molding).
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