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Paint Decorated American Patriot Militia Canteen Dated 1775.....SALE PENDING
New England, likely New Hampshire or Massachusetts. "Cheese box" form in original paint on what appears to be ash or chestnut sidewall and pine top and bottom. Circa 1775-1810, yet given the form likely closer to that latter part of that date range, which would suggest that the 1775 date is commemorative. Based on oral history, this canteen was owned by Amos Barnes (1754-1840) of South Acton, MA, and N.H., who was a veteran of both the American Revolution and the War of 1812. Amos enlisted and marched to Boston in 1775 where he participated in the Battle of Bunker Hill, later Trenton (led by George Washington) in 1776, and also Monmouth. He re-enlisted in 1778, serving again with Washington at Valley Forge. The 1775 date was painted in green over white which contrasts against the blue ground and white decoration. Retains a later wide loomed strap, likely added around the War of 1812, attached to remnants of the first narrow strap. Pencil inscription reads: "Davis Blues / Grandpa Barnes". About 6 ¾ inches diameter by 2 7/8 deep. Stand was made custom to display this piece. More background information on Amos Barnes available. Provenance: Until recently in a private New England collection for about 30 years.
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