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Black Hawk Weathervane.....Sensational Historic Weathered Verdigris Surface
Northeast, likely made by Cushing & White or Jewell, ca. Civil War period to 1875. The visual appeal of the best authentic early weathervanes often relate to the aesthetics of their surface. This Black Hawk has a beautiful blue-green verdigris on copper that developed over many years of outside exposure, and does not appear to ever having had a second gilding. The rich color and sculptural form elevate it to art that would stand out in a historic or contemporary setting. Black Hawks are amongst the most sought after weathervane forms owing to their proud, elegant, powerful stance. This Blackhawk is further distinguished by its finely detailed mane and tail hair (and three-dimensional tail) that enrich its silhouette. Its flattened body allows it to be placed on a narrow shelf, windowsill, or mantel. Black Hawk, born 1833 in New Hampshire, was a famous black stallion described as coming nearer to the ideal of the perfect horse than any other animal ever seen; abundant spirit and life, bold, fearless, and graceful. About 24 inches long x 19 ½ (to the top of the ears when mounted in the stand), the body about 2 inches thick. Exceptional condition. See the terrific new book, American Weathervanes, The Art of the Winds, Robert Shaw, for reference. Pictured: The Olde Hope Collection, Summer 2008.
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