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Boldly Scalloped Hanging Wall Box.....SALE PENDING
Northeast to Mid-Atlantic, ca. 18th early 19th century. Original green paint on what appears to be poplar. Typical canted-forward well, yet unusually decorated with deeply carved scallops about the front and side rim. Joinery is by square hardwood pegs with no nails visible, the pegs standing proud of the surface. Thick one inch stock with pit-sawn tool marks. Beautiful saturated paint with complex patinated surface retaining a thin over-varnish or wax. Tombstone-shaped backboard. The pegs have done their job well as the box is as tight as the day it was made. May hang or stands on a horizontal surface. Appealing smaller size at just 10 inches wide x 12 tall x 5 1/2 deep. Probably used for lighting/candles.
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