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Probably Eastern American, ca. 1st half, 19th century. Grouping of three objects, each special in its own way. The wonderful stylized heart cutter, about 3 1/8 inches wide, of tin and likely maple, joined by cut nails, is ex-Winterthur Museum, and is pictured on page 73 of Folk Hearts, A Celebration of the Heart Motif in American Folk Art. The heart-in-hand tin cookie cutter, is just 3 1/2 inches tall and is ex: personal collection of Carole Hayward. Similar tin cookie cutter examples are pictured within the same Folk Heart book. It is robust with only minor corrosion to the surface. The hardwood board (5 inches tall) with pierced heart and fragment-glass window may have been used a a box cover. It is engraved with the initials 'RV', wavy glass (with stable crack) original grungy dry (possibly painted) surface. It may have been intended to be used as a fragment mirror but was never silvered. Probably all made and given originally as tokens of affection.
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