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RARE, VIVID Folk Art Street View.....SALE PENDING
19th century historical folk art street scenes, especially of this caliber, are scarce. They portray of the pride of the artist in their town. Shown is Albany (Market Street, from State Street to Maiden Lane.), New York. Oil on canvas. Painted by Anne Wrightson (born 1829), emulating in oil paints the watercolor/pencil drawing by James Eights created from his memory of living in Albany in 1805. The scene shows the cohesiveness of the neighborhood reflected in the continuity of architecture and brick-red paint, flanked by the mustard house on the left and a blue open structure on the right. The substantial square, paved with flat stones, shows smartly attired gentlemen sporting walking sticks, and a bonneted-lady in foreground carrying baskets under each arm. More structures can be seen in the distance, one appearing to have a large statue or weathervane surmounting a high cupola. The buildings are rendered with extensive detailing, including clapboards, window panes, steps and rails, and cellar doors. Miss Wrightson was a graduate of the Albany female academy and Lowell Institute. With her sister Harriet, she led a private school for girls on Maiden Lane and Chapel Street, near the location of this painting. The drawings by James Eights that inspired this painting are pictured in the Magazine Antiques, May, 1948. Presented in a walnut frame with gilt liner of the period of about 21 inches x 14; sight size 16 1/2 x 9 1/2. Condition is exceptional, with no restoration.
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