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Wonderful PAINTERS and DECORATORS Trade Sign
Probably New England, 19th century. Paint on pine. Although difficult to portray photographically given the long length and narrow width, this trade sign is sensational. Gold against a black ground, this trade sign is unusual in its verticle format (likley positioned along a door frame), and desirable content. The soft palette is very pleasing, enhanced beautifully by weathering. The left edge is rounded; the right squared. Originally was attached via several screw holes through the front. Loss at the very bottom, yet below the last letter and not significant when viewed from the front. About 88 inches tall (7 feet, 4 inches) x 4 7/8 wide x 7/8 thick. Easily hung as it is very lightweight and has a hanging hook attached to the back. A perfect location would be on a narrow wall segment, or paralleling a door frame.
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