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Paint Decorated Box "Harbor and Home"
New England, ca. 1816-1825. Pine. Featuring a charming landscape scene highlighted by a three masted ship on the left and white colonial house on a hill to the right. The combination of sailing vessel and landscape illustrates the importance of "harbor and home" in early 19th century America. The ship and home are painted onto a bright yellow ground, which is now deeply patinated and mellowed to a warm yellow/mustard. Large trees wrap around each corner, a most unusual and successful visual treatment. Another most unusual feature is a pierced copper American coin, a Matron Head Large Cent, DATED 1816, employed as a hasp between a wire staple on the lid, and a conforming staple on the case. The structural condition is terrific. The painted surface is very dry and crackled, in untouched, well worn, well used condition with abrasions as shown. Dimensions: 16.25 inches wide x 10 tall x 7.75 deep. Provenance: Originally found in a superb New England collection of early material. This box is especially fitting for a collection of early Americana with strong emphasis on original, dry, historic surfaces.
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