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Scarce Early Trade Sign.....SOLD
New England, ca. 1800-1820. Love this! Mustard and black paint on pine. Pit-sawn back with picture frame molding attached by cut nails. Note the 'long S' in Dress-maker that transitioned to the "S" as we know it after ca. 1800. The comma after the name, and the period at the end of dressmaker are also early conventions. Note how BEAUTIFULLY formed and flowing the lettering was rendered, indicating a very skilled sign painter. Exceptional paint condition with expected craquelure. Structurally sound with inconsequential losses at lower left of the molding resulting from the nailing on of the original cut nails. Small size has flexibilty to be put most anywhere: About 32 inches wide x 13 1/2 tall by 2 at the molding. My other two signs of this form were from NH, this may be as well. Simple. Elegant. Soul-full.
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