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Delicate DIMINUTIVE Swing Handle Painted Bucket.....SOLD
Northeast, ca. early 19th century. Pine staves with likely ash bands. Original very dry bittersweet paint that may tend toward salmon in some lighting. Interior is unpainted in rich patina. Showing skill and precision in its design and craftsmanship, this little bucket is a rarity. Crisp, thin, button-hole bands hold the staves tightly, the maker chamfering the upper portion of the staves to give them an even thinner appearance. Two of the staves are longer such that they can hold the wooden-pegged buttons that secure the swing handle. This bucket was really used as evidenced by the paint wear, especially to the handle. Use is unknown, although traces of white residue suggest perhaps a dairy usage. Structural condition is exemplary (apparent replacement of just one wooden pin). The bucket weighs next to nothing which makes it survival even more impressive. Almost miniature JUST 3 7/8 inches to the top of the sides, 5 to the top of the extended staves holding the swing handle, diameter 5 3/4 x 6 (shrunk out of round). Choice form, small size, surface, condition.....sculptural historic art.
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