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Vivid Polychrome BERNIER Paint Decorated Bird Carving.....SOLD
Maine, ca. late 19th/early 20th c, attributed to Joseph Bernier (1873 - 1952), a celebrated wood carver who's works are avidly sought by folk art collectors. Bernier was a lumberman until a serious injury led him to take up wood carving full time. Many of Bernier's works are painted in muted colors, yet this example of a bird at trough (likely functioning as a match holder) is brightly painted, the paint and original overvarnish in a fabulous highly crackled surface. Condition is superb. A very tiny iron pin at the tip of the bird's beak may have once held a twig, or perhaps the knotted string shown with it is the original. About 7 1/2 inches total length x 4 3/4 tall x 2 wide. For detailed information see the Magazine Antiques "Bernier the Lumberman": The mystery carver of Biddeford, Maine, identified. Several of his carvings also seen in "American Folk Sculpture" Robert Bishop.
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