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CHILD'S-Size! Chippendale Slant Top Desk in Original Dry Paint
New England, ca. early 19th century. Birch and white pine. In an exceptional state of preservation including original very-dry painted first-surface, hinges, lock, and turned-wooden pulls on four-graduated long drawers. Fitted interior with a three-drawer arrangement over scalloped pigeonholes. Case, long-drawers, and interior-drawers all DOVETAILED. Drawer interiors and under-sides all in superb clean condition. The backboard and underside with strong patina and also superb. Stands just 18 3/4 inches tall x 16 3/4 wide x 11 deep. Very appealing form, size, and character. Discovered recently in a Boston attic. For the collector who covets early Americana in a high-state of originality.
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