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Exceptional Oval Wallpaper Box.....SOLD
Northeast America, 19th century. Attached label reads: 6 oz TACKS Made for Lloyd, Supple, and Walton, Philadelphia, PA, a hardware store active from 1867 to 1889. Given the early form of the wallpaper box (ca 1825-1850), it is likely that the label was almost certainly affixed to an earlier-made box as an available container. The wallpaper box is exceptional, with beautiful polychrome paint decoration against blue ground, with stitched joinery at the interfaces. Newspaper lining references 'Maine' and the 'British', and the bottom is inscribed in ink with a reference that I can not decipher. The underside of the lid labeled in pencil: “Israel B Shreiner”. Very good condition. Just 2 3/8 inches long x 1 7/8 wide x 1 1/2 tall. .
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