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Soulful. Distinctive. "Drapery Swag with Tassels" Paint Decorated Box.....SOLD
This is for the collector who looks for the "art" in antiques, loves dry authentic surfaces, and appreciates how the surface tells the story of how it was used and how it has witnessed history. New England, ca. 1825, in a superior dry original surface. The blue Swag and Tassels front-panel decoration is rare for a painted wooden box, more often seen above and flanking portraits of the period. It effectively shows from across a room even in low light against the soft, patinated buff-colored painted ground, enhanced by starbursts and vines, and by cherubs on each end panel. The domed top shows traces of the initials of the owner and holes from a long-gone bale handle. One of the most special boxes oI have had. Real and honest and quiet and comforting, it is the essence of what is desirable in an exceptional antique. Measures about 14 ½ inches long x 6 high x 7 ½ deep. Provenance upon request. High resolution photos easily emailed.
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