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Tin Basket with Blown-GLASS Tulips

The basket ca. second-half 19th century, the tulips ca. 1920's-1930's. The basket saddle-shaped with folded-edge handle and basket lip in dark patina. Fine condition with minor internal rust at the seams; 12 inches in length. The blown glass tulips (seven total) have been a popular accent for period antiques for decades and much more scarce than stone or velvet fruit. Excellent condition ranging in length from 9 1/2 inches to 13 1/2.

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Antique Folk Art Parcheesi Gameboard

New England, ca. 1860 to 1875. A colorful country example with a folk-art aesthetic that is more appealing than many of the professionally produced examples. Original dry paint on what appears to be basswood. Folding form with original hinges, with breadboard ends joined by cut nails. Dry, alligatored painted surface. Note how the corner-circles rotate in color position, an unexpected feature that provides movement and energy. About 22 inches x 21.

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Large Shaker Four Fingered Painted Oval Box

New England, ca. mid 19th century. Indistinctly signed under the lid and dated 1857. Original paint history of a patinated "buff"-color paint over first black. Pine top and bottom and what appears to be maple side walls. Crisply carved beveled fingers, aligned top-to-bottom, joined by copper nails. Structurally excellent condition; the buff paint highly crackled, patinated, and worn as shown, the interior lined with a much later 20th century paper with soiling. About 10 3/4 inches long x 7 7/8 wide x 4 1/2 tall. From a private Massachusetts collection.

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Portrait Miniature of a Young Woman by Jane Anthony Davis

Probably Rhode Island or Connecticut, ca. 1830's. Watercolor on wove paper in a terrific figured-burl frame with corner-blocks. Characteristic Davis features include a black dress, full-face angled a bit to the right (not in profile), blue and white highlights, and mid-length. Note the tiny hands holding a book. Exceptionally puffy sleeves on the forearm fashionable in the early 1830's, with lace trim. Frame size about 7 5/8 inches x 7 1/8. Reference: See "Three New England Watercolor Painters" pp 42-55 for other portraits by Davis..

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Elaborate Folding Box Chess Gameboard.

American, ca. 1870. Dovetail and cut-nail joinery. Rendered by a skilled "coach painter" who demonstrated the effort that was sometimes made to elevate a friendly game board into also a work of art, including extending decoration to the side-walls such that they would be visible from across the room. The outer-side with red and black painted squares, with elaborate borders of gilt- or bronze-powder painted Greek Key and Fleur-de-lis within dark-green fields. The side walls also painted in large Greek Key. The Greek Key had many historic symbolisms, including the eternal life, eternal love and eternal friendship. The back/inside is backgammon, with strong colors yet wear as shown. All original. May be hung, or creates an appealing presentation when stood on end partly open. Open about 18 inches wide x 15 ¾ tall x 1 ¾ deep (at the molding).

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