ALPHABET BOARD. Sublime. One of My Favorite Objects. Ever. 

Probably New England, ca. 1820-1840. Original painted surface on softwood panel. Double-sided. The precisely rendered letters play off each other as a symphony of form and pattern, while the whole has a perfect design simplicity and elegance. All amplified by an outstanding surface.

During a time in which literacy was spotty, an alphabet board was a common teaching aid in schools and academies. Few have survived. Yet this one has been cherished for generations because of it’s artistic brilliance.

Imagine the brushstrokes of the artist and those who have voiced the letters. Imagine.

About 18 inches tall x 10 3/8 wide x 3/8 thick. ‘No. 2’ implies there was another, maybe with numbers.  HAPPY TO SHARE HIGH RESOLUTION PHOTOS.

Provenance includes Stephen Score, and an exceptional private New Jersey collection.  Pictured >> Antique and Fine Art Magazine, Autumn/Winter 2013, page 132.