Charming Small Painting of the Carriage HOPE 
on Wooden Panel

Probably English School, ca. early 19th century. Oil on hardwood panel.

The painted carriage is pulled by two strong horses, as there are six men on top in addition to the coachman, and at least three passengers inside. On the rail just above HOPE is painted the word BANK twice, and what looks like a date of 1821. Close examination may determine the remainder of the lettering, which likely identifies the bank. .

The riders fashionably attired, including top hats. A good coachman was expected to command his horses with the lightest touch on the reins, and to drive smoothly and not too quickly, which would have been necessary to keep from ejecting a cramped rider or two.

A survivor with small bruises and chips yet great character. Panel about 15 inches long x 11 high. Less than one inch of warpage.