Sweet Little Civil War Period Folk Art Townscape.....SOLD
The closer you look, the more you will see..... 

Northeast to mid-Atlantic, ca. 3rd quarter, 19th century. Oil on sheet iron. Like a view through a time machine, the artist captured an idyllic village with a tight cluster of buildings including several homes and a large barn. Note the early architecture with central chimneys, and perhaps the town’s meeting house (the large three-story white building on the right). The artist carefully rendered fine detail, such as window muntin and if you look very carefully, a horse pulling a wagon or plow beneath the trees on the left. The beautiful little town is on a hillside above a river, separated by an orchard, with a rail fence in the foreground. One can barely make out more buildings in the distance at the horizon mid-left. The sun, low in the sky on the right, casts depth and drama across the scene, the artist rendering shadows on each tree or structure. The gold area outside the oval image and within the red border is part of the painting (as is the red border). The later yet appropriate frame begins at the gilt-liner just outside the red border. Overall frame size about 12 ½ inches wide x 9 ½ tall. Excellent condition, with craquelure and very minor touchup. A diminutive folk art treasure that tells a big story. HAPPY TO EMAIL HIGH RES PHOTOS SO YOU CAN ZOOM IN!!!